Island Hopping

The Bay Islands of Honduras are made up of 8 islands and 53 cays and the biggest island is Roatán. Although there is a lot to do on Roatán, one of our favorite things to do is island-hop. 

Just like there are many options to explore by boat, there are many boats, captains and crews that can make or break (engines breaking down) your experience when it comes to island-hopping or fishing. Matt can put you in touch with different boats and captains depending on your budget. Keep in mind, he does not take money via PayPal for deposits so you will need to confirm bookings and set up deposits (if required) directly with the captain. Also, we recommend a boat with twin engines if you are going outside the reef or on long runs in open water.

There are 4 boats/captains we recommend that take our family and friends out island-hopping or fishing:

1.) Deez Knots a 32 ft Grady-White - The captain is Aaron Etches who owns the Sundowner’s Beach Bar in West End so make sure you have him make a frozen mojito on the boat while island-hopping. On average, it is $1,000 to $1,200 a day for trips to Jade Beach and Pigeon Cay. He will pick you up at our dock and there is a bathroom onboard. His WhatsApp is +504 9907-7700

2.) Reel Addiction a 30 ft custom boat - The captain is Cory Thompson and his boat is kept in Jonesville, on the south side of the island, about a 10 minute drive from Añoranza. Or, he can pick you up at the dock And there is a bathroom onboard. On average, it’s $1,000 to $1,200 a day for trips to Jade Beach, Pigeon, Guanaja or Cayos Cochinos. His WhatsApp is +504 9975-1227 

3.) 20 ft. Sailfish - The captain is Raul and his boat is perfect for a pick up at our dock and staying inside the reef on the north side for a trip to West End and West Bay. He will take you close to the shore so you can see all the house and hotels between Añoranza and West Bay. We love stopping at “Starfish Island”, which isn’t an island but a white sand area close to Pristine Bay where you are guaranteed to find starfish and it’s a great place to snorkel. We have Raul pick us up and take us to Ibagari for lunch because it’s a lot better going on the water than driving. On average, a trip to West Bay is $450. His WhatsApp is +504 9623-2899

4. Amavi Charters is our favorite option for sailing. They are a first class experience that you will not forget.