Guests can swim, snorkel, kayak and stand-up paddle board right in front of Añoranza from our tanning dock. But, if you are looking for a sandy beach, below are a few beaches we recommend.

Paya Bay Resort Beach: ~15 minute drive towards Camp Bay Beach and one of our personal favorite beaches. We've gone in a kayak but it takes ~1 hour to get there and a little less time on the way home because the wind will be at your back. This beach is clothes optional so we like to call ahead and see if anyone is au naturel before we bring the kids.

Camp Bay Beach: ~20 minutes drive east. Many say this beach is better than West Bay Beach, the #1 beach in Central America, and has no tourists or crowds. Just a couple minutes past Camp Bay Beach is Camp Bay Lodge (pictured below). Camp Bay Lodge’s restaurant is a great spot to grab food and drinks while sitting in a lounge chair on the beach.

 Little French Key or Big French Key (two separate islands, guess which one is Big and which one is which): ~20 minute drive west, right before French Harbor. This is one our guest and kid’s favorites. You take a 5 minute boat over to the Keys.

Pigeon Cay: If there is one boat trip, to a beach, we recommend, it's to Pigeon Cay and/or Jade Beach. You can actually do one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Although over the years the Cay has got smaller, it's still a great place to go and have a picnic and snorkel. Our private chef, Dalia can even come with you to cook on the beach.

Jade Beach: It's located on the private island of Barbareta and can only be reached by boat. More than likely, you will have the whole white sand beach to yourself, just like Pigeon Cay. As you approach the beach, in your boat, you will see a guard step out of the tree-line. That's because the private island is owned by Kelcy Warren, the owner of Roatán Electric Company but he allows people on Jade Beach only.

West Bay Beach "#1 Beach in Central America": ~1 hour drive to the west end of the island. We recommend doing a day trip to West Bay (beach and hotels) and West End (shopping, bars, restaurants, and Half Moon Bay) during your stay. Our favorite way to get to West Bay is by boat. A boat can pick you up at Añoranza and bring you along the north coast of Roatán.