The owners, Shelby and Sean, are glad you found Añoranza and look forward to sharing the Añoranza Experience with you.

Añoranza also means to the owners, stop longing for your dreams and make them happen. Shelby and Sean enjoy beach destinations and traveling the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. Many times, while they were on vacation, they found themselves saying, "I wish we could share this spot with friends and family." The desire to share an amazing place with family and friends is what started their journey through Central America to find the perfect location to build their dream home.

In 2015, they traveled to Roatán after Shelby suggested checking it out because she loved it when she visited on a cruise, 10 years before.

As soon as they stepped onto the lot at Punta Blanca, and saw the view that would eventually turn into Añoranza's, they knew this was where their dream would come true.

They purchased the lot at the end of 2015 and after working with a local architect for over a year on the design of Añoranza, their dream came to life July 2017 when they started construction on the 3-bedroom Villa. It took about 1.5 years to finish the construction but in Feb 2019, the Villa was finished and the doors were opened to guests, May 1st, 2019. 

In 2020, the island was closed to tourist because of COVID-19, from March until August, so they started construction on the Casita, April 2020. The Casita was finished April 2021 and the doors were open to guests May 1st, 2021, exactly 2 years from when the doors were opened to the Villa.

Stop longing for a vacation and start living! The reef awaits! Come stay with us!!