Why leave the beautiful views from Añoranza and the comforts of your villa when you can have our private chef, Dalia, come to you? Nothing is better than having someone cook your meals for you while you’re on vacation. Except, someone cooking your meals, making your cocktails, serving you and cleaning up. Now that sounds like vacation!!


Whether you would like a private chef for one special night or your entire stay, just let Robert know before you arrive. It’s $10 to $15 a person for breakfast or lunch and $20 to $45 a person dinner depending on what you choose from her menu. Once you book we will send you an email with detailed information about her services and menu.


If you would like Robert, your host, to make you fresh made cocktails while you’re on vacation, it’s $25. All you have to do is buy the liquor and ingredients which he can help you with. He will make you fresh island cocktails or your favorite drinks. Robert can do it the days you’re hanging out pool side, floating in the Caribbean in front of Añoranza, or the entire vacation. If you do not drink alcohol, he can make you fresh fruit smoothies and detox juices.


There are a lot of restaurants within a close drive and a few you can kayak to. Just make sure you tie up the kayak and bring some money.

Three villages are close that offer authentic food. Punta Gorda you can see from Añoranza and kayak there. Oakridge is 5 minutes away and Jonesville is less than 10 minutes away. Both Oakridge and Jonesville are on the south side of Roatan.

Here are just a few of our favorite restaurants on the East End of Roatán:

Wagundan Restaurant

Located in Punta Gorda and on the water, it's a great spot for sunsets. It also has a nice dock and hammocks for you to relax and enjoy a cocktail. You can also take the kayaks there during the day for lunch or drinks but don’t forget your wallet. They take credit cards.

The Crow's Nest Restaurant

Located in Marble Hill Farms, a boutique resort, it is up high on a bluff and over looks Punta Blanca. You will love the views.

Cal’s Cantina

It’s a 15 minute drive back towards French Harbor and the airport. Make sure you check their Facebook page to see what days they are open. It changes weekly during certain times of the year. They only take cash.

Krisit’s Overlook

This is another favorite but maybe that’s because we can’t go a week without TexMex. The best part, it’s next to Cal’s Cantina. They take PayPal.

La Sirena at Camp Bay

You can’t stay at Añoranza without having a meal at La Sirena, a small restaurant over the water. They have great Rum Punch and Lobster. It’s about 20 minutes away on a gravel road east, just past Camp Bay Beach. They only take cash.

Camp Bay Lodge

It’s a little before you get to La Sirena. It has a relaxed feel and is a great spot to watch kitesurfing during the day while you’re eating or relaxing in one of their hammocks with a cocktail. They take credit cards.

Trico Bar and Grill

Located at the Jonesville Marina, in the Czech Village, it is a great open air restaurant, on the water, that’s known for Trico Tuesday. They have live music as well as food and drink specials. They take credit cards.

Bella’s Place

Bella's is a Mediterranean island themed restaurant with a variety of international as well as local dishes. They have great pizzas, sunsets and a pool.

Road Trip West

If you venture to the West End of the Island, we have some favorites there too. It will take you about 20 to 30 minutes to get to French Harbor, 50 minutes to get to the West End and another 10 minutes to get to West Bay. We always encourage our guests to explore the whole island which is why we recommend renting a SUV.

French Harbor: 

Herby’s Sports Bar & Grill located in the Clarion Suites - Roatán at Pineapple Villas - The best place on island to watch a game.

Gio's Roatán - The best place to get Spiny Caribbean King Crab (Mithrax Spinosissimus). Indigenous to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the taste and tenderness of the crab is unparalleled.

Las Verandas Hotel - It's located in Pristine Bay where the golf course is and has a great poolside restaurant for lunch. It's also a great place to stop on the way from the airport to Añoranza because it's close to the Eldon's grocery store in French Harbor.

Palmetto Bay:

Roatán Island Brewing is a great spot to head after you arrive to Roatán to grab some beer and lunch before you drive to Añoranza. It’s about 10 minutes east of the airport, heading to Añoranza. 

Each week they have a specialty food, beer launch, or special event. It's best to check their Facebook page for what's going on at the brewery. Currently, they are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

- Flights or Pints with 9 Beers on Tap
- Specialty Entree each Sunday Funday
- Angus Burgers & RIBC Beer Brats!
- Non-beer & Non-Alcohol options
- Vegetarian Options
- Gluten Free Options
- Gary's famous Soursop Soda (Only at RIBC!)
- Brewhouse / Process Tours on Request
- Jungle Hammocks? Yes.
- Ping Pong, Foosball, Ring Game, Shut the Box.
- Horseshoe pits


West End:

The Beach House Boutique Hotel Roatán at Half Moon Bay – It’s on the 2nd floor of The Beach House Boutique hotel and has great food and views of the bay.

Between West End and West Bay:

Roatán Oasis – You don’t go here for the views but you do go for some of the best food and cocktails on the island.

Luna Muna located in the Ibagari Boutique Hotel – This is our favorite boutique hotel on the West End of the island and it's right on the water. If you had to choose one restaurant, on the West side of the island, we would recommend Luna Muna because of the food, cocktails, view and atmosphere. If you go just before sunset, you'll receive a complimentary glass of champagne for the daily sunset toast. We also like to take a boat from Añoranza to Luna Muna for lunch and then to West Bay Beach for a day at the beach.

Lotus Restaurant located in Xbalanque Boutique Hotel - It's right next to Ibagari Boutique Hotel and our second favorite hotel on the West End. They have some of the best lobster on the island. Whether you decide to eat at Luna Muna or Lotus, make sure you walk over to the other one for a cocktail or appetizer.