COVID-19 Travel Requirements: Travelers to Roatan, who have been vaccinated, are NOT required to have a "Negative" Test. All you need is your original vaccination card. If a traveler has not been vaccinated, they need to have a "Negative" Test within 72 hours of their arrival. It DOES NOT need to be a PCR test but does need to read "Negative" and not "No COVID Detected". 

We recommend uploading the test results, PDF, to the Airline App the day before heading to the airport. Also, print your test results and highlight the Result and Day of the Test. Then, bring a digital PDF on your phone and the printed and highlighted results, as back up, to the show to the airlines at check-in and the customs officer when you land in Roatán. If you have an overnight layover at airports like Miami, Houston, and Dallas there are services that will come to your hotel room to administer the test.

As of Dec. 6, 2021, the CDC is requiring air travelers aged two and older (it’s 5 and older for Canada), regardless of nationality or vaccination status, to show documentation of a negative viral test result taken within one day (doesn’t need to be 24 hours) of the flight’s departure to the United States. Robert, our host, can help you set up your COVID test and you will receive the results the same day, typically in a few hours. As of Feb. 28th, if you are flying direct from RTB to the US or Canada, there are “approved” testing sites that you must get your test at before you fly back. See below and again, Robert will help you with setting up the test.

If you are flying through San Pedro Sula before you return to the US or Canada, you can still buy the only CDC approved test at and bring it with you to do in the comfort of Añoranza. 


Visit and click “Order Now” on home page.


Receive in the mail within days after purchase.


Have a virtual visit guided by an eMed Certified Guide.


Receive follow-up health care instructions, and a digital health pass if your COVID-19 test is negative.

All you will need to do is use our fiber optic wifi for the scheduled appointment and then bring the PDF of the result to show the airlines during check in at the Roatán airport. You should not need to show the COVID test again, when you go through US customs, once you land.

Immigration Pre-Check Form: After you have completed your COVID-19 Test and received the results, you will need to go to: and create a user name and password. Here you will fill out your immigrations pre-check form and the Epidemiological Health Surveillance Form. You can't complete the pre-check form until 48 hours before your flight departs. After both are completed, print your pre-check confirmation from the email you will receive. Bring the printed COVID-19 test result and Pre-Check form to the ticket counter when you check in for your flight.

Below is a guide on how to complete the Immigration Pre-Check Form: